7 Signs You Need AC Repair

A professional performing AC repair on an outdoor AC unit in North Fort Myers.

With summer right around the corner and hot weather already upon us, now is the time to get your AC repaired. Going into summer with an AC that isn’t working can cause serious problems. Therefore, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of an air conditioner that needs repair. 

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Inadequate Air Flow 

It’s extremely frustrating when you turn on your AC, and instead of feeling a rush of cold air, you feel next to nothing coming out of your vents. While your vents or ducts may be clogged, it’s more likely that your AC compressor is nearing the end of its lifespan. 

Warm Air Coming From Your Vents 

The only thing more frustrating than feeling very little cold air coming out of your vents is when you feel warm air coming out. As with the low air flow problem, your compressor is the most likely culprit if you feel warm air. 

Strange Noises Coming From Your AC 

When your air conditioner is operating normally, you should only hear a slight hum or whir of the AC blades in motion and the motor running. So, if you hear grinding, banging, squealing, or other strange noises, there’s a good chance that you need AC repair in North Fort Myers

Excessive Humidity in Your Home

In addition to eliminating heat and making your North Fort Myers home cooler, air conditioners are also supposed to remove humidity. Therefore, if your home feels cool but uncomfortably moist, it means that your AC isn’t doing its job. Any number of things could cause your AC not to remove humidity from your home, and it will most likely require AC repair

Strange Smells Near Your Unit 

In the same way that you don’t want to hear strange noises around your AC, you also don’t want to smell strange odors. Here are a few smells to watch out for. 

  • A burning smell, which could indicate a burned-out wire or capacitor. 
  • A musty odor, which could indicate the presence of mold. 
  • A slightly sweet, chloroform-like odor could indicate a refrigerant leak.

Moisture or Ice On Your Air Conditioner or AC Lines

When the weather gets extremely hot and humid, it often leads to excessive water run-off around your AC and condensation lines. However, when this moisture turns to ice on your air conditioning lines, it means there’s a problem. It’s possible that you have a refrigerant leak or that your air conditioner cannot keep up with our cooling demands. Either way, AC repair in North Fort Myers may be necessary.

Your AC is Constantly Turning On and Off 

When they’re at peak performance, your air conditioner should run for a while, then turn off and stay off for a similar amount of time. Therefore, if you notice that your AC is constantly cycling, turning on and off, it could mean there’s an issue. The most likely culprit is that your AC isn’t operating efficiently or is too small for your house. While an AC repair and tuneup might help, you may have to replace your AC.

Who to Contact For AC Repair in Fort Myers 

Whether there’s a known problem that you’ve been putting off or you’re worried that something is wrong with your AC, Custom Cooling can help. We’ll perform an in-depth inspection and diagnose any problems that are present. We will then do whatever is necessary to fix the issue and get your AC up and running! Contact us online or call (239) 731-5545 today.