Ductwork Design and Installation: Maximizing Efficiency and Airflow

A North Fort Myers HVAC contractor installing an HVAC system.

Central air conditioning systems are one of the best ways to provide heating and cooling for your Florida home or business. However, while it’s important to choose the right materials and system, it’s even more important to have your ductwork designed and installed by a top-notch HVAC contractor in North Fort Myers

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Potential Efficiency and Airflow Problems With Improper Ductwork Design and Installation

To help you understand how important design and installation are with a central HVAC system, here’s what can happen if your system isn’t designed or installed properly. It is important to call an experienced North Fort Myers HVAC contractor to avoid these issues.

Too Few Return Airs 

One of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced HVAC installers is not installing enough return air vents. Return air registers are essential to maintaining airflow and keeping your system operating efficiently. They are just as important as supply air registers and should be dispersed throughout your home or building. 

Inadequate Airflow 

If you don’t install enough return air registers or enough supply air registers, you will have inadequate airflow. When this happens, your furnace and air conditioner will get overworked because it isn’t capable of meeting your temperature demands. In addition to causing premature wear and tear, inadequate airflow will also cause inefficiencies and high energy costs. 

Improperly Sized Ductwork 

In order for your system to operate to its full potential, the ductwork, furnace, air conditioner, and vents must all be sized according to the room or home they are conditioning. This is a fairly technical process that includes numerous calculations, and only a professional HVAC contractor can do them properly. 

Too Many Bends and Fittings 

A common misunderstanding among amateurs is that as long as the ductwork gets to where it needs to go, that’s all that matters. However, how the ductwork reaches its destination is just as important as how it gets there. The more streamlined the ductwork, the more efficiently your system will operate. 

Air Leaks

Finally, it’s common for non-professionals to neglect sealing their ductwork, resulting in air leaks. These microscopic leaks add up over time and can reduce efficiency by up to 30%. 

North Fort Myers HVAC Contractor

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