How Often Should You Schedule AC Service?

A close-up image of an air conditioning fan in North Fort Myers.

As warmer weather approaches, do yourself a favor and save yourself from the heat! Scheduling your AC service during the spring ensures your unit is up and running before any heat waves. 

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Signs It’s Time for a Service

Are you debating whether or not you should get your AC serviced? If so, there are a number of signs that can help you determine if your air conditioner is starting to wear down. Do you have your unit on full blast and at the lowest temperature without feeling its effect? This can be a sign that your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels need to be checked for leaks and burnouts to avoid further damage to the unit and your home. 

But even if your air conditioner isn’t displaying any noticeable signs, you should still consider service in North Fort Myers.

Why You Should Have a Routine Service

By having a routine service, you’re saving yourself from future headaches. You paid good money for your air conditioner, so why not take care of it? Every air conditioner is backed with the manufacturer’s warranty, so you’ll want North Fort Myers professionals looking after your unit to not void any opportunities to save money. This usually means having your air conditioner services once a year to keep you under warranty. While that may seem inconvenient, rest assured, it’s not! By working with our skilled HVAC Contractors, you have a team dedicated to making maintenance easier and more cost-efficient for you. 

What Does a Service Entail?

At Custom Cooling, you can expect a thorough service. In less than a few hours, we will check to ensure your air conditioner has proper refrigerant levels to avoid any leaks and burnouts, clean and check evaporator and condenser coils, check electrical components and controls, recalibrate your thermostat, and clean or replace your filters. All these services will get your air conditioner back in its prime and keep you cool throughout summer and on those unexpected hot days!

Benefits of Servicing Your AC

Outside of warranty protection and prolonging the life of your unit, by having routine maintenance done on your air conditioner, you are improving the overall air quality in your home. A trained HVAC Contractor will know the systems that remove dirt and debris that collect over time. Similarly, your technician will ensure your coils are clean so you can significantly lower your energy bill and stay comfortable as it gets hotter. 

Custom Cooling also offers Preventative Maintenance Agreement Plans for our North Fort Myer neighbors to keep your air conditioners working at their best. It’s designed to get you the best deals for after-hour and emergency service calls, plus a 15% discount on non-warranty parts.

Save Money and Plan Ahead with Custom Cooling

The short answer to all of this is simple: servicing your air conditioner saves you money and a lot of it! By scheduling routine maintenance, you can catch any potential issues while they’re still small. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have to replace your unit in the middle of a heat wave. Start thinking about the condition of your AC unit now.

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