HVAC Maintenance after a Fort Myers Hurricane

HVAC contractor performing maintenance in Ft. Myers.

If you live in Fort Myers or the surrounding area, there’s a good chance a hurricane has impacted you. Whether it was because of the high winds, flooding waters, or flying debris, it’s possible that your HVAC system is in need of repairs or maintenance. There are a number of issues that can stem from improper maintenance throughout the year, but getting hit by a hurricane can greatly compound those issues. 

If you’re wondering what your next steps should be for your HVAC system after a hurricane, you’ve come to the right place. Custom Cooling is an HVAC company that’s here to answer all your questions as well as perform any repairs or maintenance that’s needed. Call our Ft. Myers HVAC contractors at (239) 731-5545 today to get a free estimate.

Important Maintenance for Your HVAC System After a Hurricane 

While maintaining your HVAC system is always important, it’s especially critical after a hurricane. 

Checking Your Ducts for Mold and Moisture 

While the most likely damage will be to the outside of your home, it’s also possible that the interior was damaged. For your HVAC systems, that means that there might be moisture inside your air ducts. If you get moisture inside your air ducts, mold will soon follow, which means that all the air inside your home will get contaminated. 

While mold and moisture don’t always happen to ducts after a hurricane, it increases the possibility. It’s important to contact us and have your ducts checked for moisture by an HVAC company so they can remedy the problem before it leads to mold damage.  

Changing Your Furnace Filter 

Your furnace filter should get changed every one to twelve months, depending on the type of filter you have. However, following a hurricane, you should always have your filter replaced. It’s possible that the filter got damaged by the storm or that it got wet. Either way, the filter won’t be able to do its job of keeping your air clean, which means you’ll be inhaling wet, dirty air. 

Cleaning Your Air Ducts 

While you’re having your air ducts checked for mold, mildew, and moisture, you should also get them cleaned. If water was able to infiltrate your ducts, then it’s likely that dirt, pollen, and other particles have as well. The only way to eradicate these threats and breathe clean air is to have your ducts cleaned and your filter changed. 

Inspecting Your AC or Heat Pump for Refrigerant Leaks 

Due to the high winds that hurricanes cause, it’s common for debris to strike your refrigerant lines. This can often result in a large or microscopic leak, depending on the damage. While a large leak will quickly drain the refrigerant from your system, a microscopic leak will do the same, but more slowly. An HVAC company can check your system for leaks, repair them, and add refrigerant to your cooling appliance. 

Repairing Physical Damage to Your AC or Heat Pump

If your refrigerant lines got damaged by flying debris, then it’s likely that your air conditioner or heat pump also sustained damage. Air conditioners and heat pumps are strong, durable appliances, but they’re not invincible. Falling trees, branches, roof tiles, and other objects can seriously dent and damage air conditioners. It’s also possible for these objects to damage the coils or refrigerant lines inside of your air conditioner, which could cause a refrigerant leak. 

Who to Call for All Your Fort Myers HVAC Maintenance Needs

If a recent hurricane has you worried about your HVAC system, contact Custom Cooling. We’re an HVAC contractor located in Fort Myers, and we understand how devastating hurricanes can be. 

We’ve seen the damage they can cause your HVAC system firsthand, and we know what to look for while performing our post-hurricane maintenance check. You can rest assured that we’ll have your system as good as new when we’re finished. Contact us online or call (239) 731-5545 to schedule an appointment today!