“A pleasure to do business with. Prompt service. Great communication. I’ll tell my Bayside Estates Neighbors. Thanks!”

Barry O. – Bayside Estates

“Fast, friendly and expert service!”

Larry W. – Raintree

“Excellent, prompt service provided by the technician as well as the installers. Thank you!”

Christine M. – Alligator Park

“Thank you for a very professional job – from the quote to the finished product we are 100% pleased.”

Jim W. – Upriver

“On a Friday late morning our neighbors texted me that our 17 year old 4 ton Bryant air conditioner was making strange noises. I got home to find that to be true plus water to be where water never had been before. I called our air conditioner company, Custom Cooling. Two service men were at our home forty minutes later. Two parts of the air conditioner that should have been spinning were not spinning and an item that should not have been so hot to the touch was too hot. The workers offered to call the company’s owner, whom I have met on a few occasions, to see if a replacement could be located and perhaps installed on Saturday morning. That is exactly what happened. An installation crew of two arrived Saturday morning with a brand new 4 ton Bryant air conditioner to replace the duct work and complete the installation. That is what I call a mighty fine company to be partnered with!”

Peg H. – Carefree

 “I am writing to commend the excellent service of our technician and the installation of a Bryant air conditioner unit with Custom Cooling & Heating Inc. We arrived at 6PM to temps. in 90’s and our air conditioner was not working. We called 3 places for service. Only Custom Cooling was able to come the next day. Their tech was able to get our unit going but after discussion and realizing our unit was almost 20 years old we decided to go with a new unit. The tech explained our options, patiently went over the warranty, efficiency of the new unit verses our old and answered all of our questions. He took care of permits and our new unit was delivered and installed the next day. His service people were courteous, professional and set up and explained a new thermostat. The tech even had registration and warranty taken care of through his office and they sent us our copy and confirmation paperwork. We found Custom Cooling and Heating Inc. to be efficient, hard working, honest, and committed to excellence. We highly recommend this company and its employees.”

Mrs. C. – Siesta Bay

“From my first call to the tech’s visit and my conversation with you by phone, we felt good about our choice of your firm and employees to decide on them for our air conditioner and heating unit replacement. Today two technicians arrived quietly and on time and efficiently removed our old unit, supply and return ducting and replaced the thermostat. They were assisted for a time by another man who we did not meet. The job went quickly and smoothly and on completion the tech was very helpful explaining the warranty and other documentation that he left with us. All was picked up and cleaned to our satisfaction before they left. We wanted to send this short note to you to congratulate you on the work of your team members and thank you for a job well done.”

Mrs. C. – Siesta Bay

 “A/C replacement from Temp Star SEER II to a Bryant 14 SEER ($5350). This company was very professional all the way. The technician alleviated any fears we had and knowledgeably answered our questions. They had a very efficient installation team. We are very happy with all aspects of Custom Cooling & Heating Inc. and would comfortably recommend them to our family and friends.”

Dorian G. – SE Cape

“We were very impressed with their mannerism and knowledge. My husband had several questions which were explained thoroughly so we could understand each answer. He took his shoes off each time he entered the room and always said yes ma’am or yes sir.”

Mike F. – Siesta Bay

 “From the tech that gave us the bad news about the untimely death of our old A/C unit to the new A/C install, all of the people involved in the process were very helpful and kept me informed about what they were doing and why. Thank you to all involved for making it a easy and painless process!”

David R. – Bayshore Village

“It has been a hot and humid 4 weeks. I was concerned about our AC that was put in in 2005. It was getting tired! A technician came out and was very assuring that he could fix me up as it was about to get dark. He said it might work for about 3 days and to call the office to order a compressor. I did just that. By Wednesday the AC was in labor again. The new compressor was installed, but other things were happening too, like the fan. The tech was here also to see what he could do and put in the new compressor. He talked to me about all this and suggested a used AC. When he came later he also thought this was the best idea for a lady of 80 years old, with just a cat with me and getting short on repair money which had been going on since Nov 2018. I took their advice. It was all installed on D-Day 6/6. Three young workers did the duct work, and I am glad. It was filthy.  And it was a very hot day to finish the job. I am happy not to have this to worry about anymore and I knew I had some very good men that worked on the problem. Thank you all.”

Nancy C. – Del Tura


 “This total experience was nothing less than phenomenal. Our whole team from the office workers to the install team were AMAZING. Extreme detail to professionalism and workmanship. I cannot say enough good about it. So happy we were put in contact with Custom Cooling & Heating!”

Gary P. – Tara Woods

“We were impressed with the prompt, courteous and knowledgeable service provided by your technicians and installers. Keep up the good work!”

Gary P. – Tara Woods

“Their technician was excellent and answered our questions. Thanks!”

Becky F. – Palmetto Palms

“Custom Cooling installed a 2 ½ ton Bryant air conditioner at our mobile home. They did an excellent job and all aspects from sale to completion were done to my satisfaction.”

Arthur A. – Indian Creek

“The technician showed up within an hour at 8:30 PM. He came back the next morning, discovered the reason for the Freon leak and gave us several options/estimates to repair/replace the existing AC unit. We chose to purchase a new York unit, which was quickly and efficiently installed by a 3-man crew that very afternoon. By 4 PM the new unit was running and beginning to bring down the temperature, which started at 89 degrees. Thank you!”

Bill H. – Tara Woods

“Very pleased with services I received from Custom Cooling. Love my new A.C. Can tell it’s a big improvement.”

Jeanie S. – Del Tura

“Both the office staff and the air conditioning technicians are professional, personable, courteous, and informative. No question or clarification needed on service. They want to make sure that the customer understands the good and bad of the situation. I feel very comfortable and I know I can trust them. Strongly endorse Custom Cooling!!!”

Carol M. – Indian Creek

“I have always used Custom Cooling since I bought a place here. Very professional, and polite, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them.”

Carol M. – Indian Creek

Service call

Eva and I live in Tara Woods. Eva’s mom also live in TW. Today her A/C stopped cooling. In a panic we called you guy’s (1:16PM) You had the A/C repaired and working by 2:00PM! Thank you for everything!!!”

Charles L. – Tara Woods

“Got to our home 10 days after Hurricane Irma and found our Air conditioner was not working. Called Custom Cooling and Heating and they send a service man within 2 hours of our discovering we had a problem. I know they are extremely busy with the storms and flooding but always can count on them to be prompt in their service. Great company, and our service technician explained our problem and did an excellent job of replacing the needed part. Highly recommend this company for cooling and heating.”

Bill M. – Cherry Estates

“I just want to take a few minutes to say how pleased we are with a recent AC issue. We came back from a vacation to fine the unexpected – Our AC was not cooling. I called for service & a tech arrived a couple of hours later. He explained what he felt was the problem and would return the next day, a Sunday. On Sunday he confirmed the evaporator was leaking. He was able to add some Freon to give us relief from out warm home. He ordered the part. On Tuesday another Tech returned and completed the repair. He did a fine job. Our thanks for the timely service & knowledgeable technicians. Even though it cost us quite a bit, we are still grateful the part was still under warranty.”

Bonnie A. – Tara Woods


“I actually look forward to our annual check up of our AC. I know we can look forward to continued trouble-free service in the coming heavy use months.”

Mark P. – Suncoast

 “Very pleased with services I received from Custom Cooling. Love my new A.C. Can tell it’s a big improvement.”

Jeanie S. – Del Tura