Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs in North Ft. Myers

A man fixing an air conditioning unit in Oak Lawn.

No matter the time of year, air conditioners can experience problems at any time. With that being said, repairs are an absolute necessity. To further take care of your air conditioner, it could help to know some of the most common problems homeowners face with their units. 

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Old, Clogged Air Filters

One of the common culprits of air conditioning repairs includes old air filters in dire need of replacement. People overlook air filters, which are just as essential as any other area of an air conditioning unit. Worst case scenario, a dirty, clogged filter could cause the unit to freeze up, which would require an entire AC replacement

Faulty Thermostat

When the thermostat is broken or not working as it should, it could make it very difficult to enjoy the temperature in your home

It can be challenging to tell whether your thermostat is working as it should. Therefore, it is best to contact a professional as soon as suspicions arise. 

Refrigerant Leaks

An air conditioner cannot work without the right amount of refrigerant, and it is even worse if there is a leak in your unit! If there is a leak, that means the refrigerant is being wasted, and the leak will have to be repaired as well. To prevent leakage, it is recommended to have your unit inspected and examined by a professional regularly. 

Breakers or Fuses

The breakers and buses safeguard the air conditioner’s motor or compressor from overheating. When a motor dies, one of the first parts that a professional or technician checks is the breaker. Breakers and fuses are often damaged by:

  • Bad electrical connections
  • Old age
  • Electrocution

Breakers and fuses are designed to prevent system overload, so this is something to look into right away.

Dirty Coils

You should never let any area of your air conditioner collect dust or dirt, including the coils. Both indoor and outdoor coils can collect dust due to an excessive amount of debris, dust, or lint in the air. There are other chemicals that can cause coils to corrode and eventually leak if they are not appropriately taken care of.

Damaged Compressor 

The compressor is designed to move the refrigerant throughout the entirety of the air conditioning unit. Just like many other parts and components, the compressor can fail due to wear and tear and age. If the compressor break, your air conditioner simply will not cool a home. It is important to have a professional take a look right away.

Faulty Condenser Fan

The condenser fan is yet another important part that makes up an air conditioning unit. This fan works to draw air into the unit so that it can cool down. This part is found on outdoor units. Because of this, it is susceptible to experiencing harsh weather conditions, ultimately causing wear and tear. If your fan is starting to fail, it must be replaced soon after so as to prevent problems with the compressor. 

Worn Out Capacitors 

Capacitors are parts that help various motors in an air conditioning unit to start and operate. But like anything else, they can definitely fail over time and require replacement. Motors run at much warmer temperatures when capacitors start to wear down. This can decrease the life of motors, so take this as a sign to get your unit checked as soon as possible. 

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