Preparing Your Air Conditioner For Summer

A person’s hands performing maintenance on an outdoor air conditioning unit in North Fort Myers.

If you live in the North Fort Myers area, then summer is already upon us! However, while we’ve had some hot days already, there are many others around the corner. As such, if you haven’t done it already, it’s high time that you get your air conditioner ready for summer. As one of the top air conditioning companies in the area, we’ve seen firsthand what can happen with an unprepared AC. 

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Change Your Air Filter 

The first thing you should do after winter and spring is install new air filters for your AC. There’s a good chance that your old ones are caked with dirt, debris, and pollen, and the last thing you want to do is try to operate your AC with a dirty filter. It’s important that you replace your current filter with an exact replica unless you have been told otherwise by North Fort Myers air conditioning companies.

Clear the Area Around Your AC 

Next, head outside and check out the area around your outdoor condenser unit. Given that it’s your first time operating your AC since last year, there’s a good chance you didn’t maintain the ground around your AC. Trim any weeds, branches, grass, or tree limbs that are growing too close to the air conditioner to ensure it doesn’t get sucked into the unit and cause issues. 

Make Sure It’s Level

Once you’re finished cleaning the area around your AC, go ahead and make sure it’s level. You may need to have a second person assist you in doing this properly. Put rocks, dirt, or anything else you can find underneath the uneven side of the unit to raise it up so that it’s level. 

Perform a Test Run 

If the AC is level, the area around it is clear, and you’ve changed the air filter, give your AC a test run. If you notice any strange smells or sounds or if the inside of the unit looks dirty, turn the air conditioner off and contact an air conditioning company.

Invest in Professional AC Service 

Even if your AC seems to be running perfectly, you should still contact air conditioning companies in North Fort Myers for an annual AC tuneup before summer. We’re one of the top air conditioning companies in the North Fort Myers area, and we can ensure your unit is ready to go when the heat gets brutal. 

In addition to performing each of the tasks listed above, we’ll also clean your indoor and outdoor coils, check freon levels, perform an electrical check, and do anything else that’s necessary to get your AC running at maximum efficiency. Call (239) 731-5545 today!