Why Installing a New AC Unit is a Great Idea

the worker installs the outdoor unit of the air conditioner on the wall of the house

As your AC unit gets older, you’re likely to notice more and more problems popping up. It overheats in the summer, leaving you hot and sweaty in your home. Or the air doesn’t circulate well because of some issues with your ductwork. 

You can call for an AC repair person to take a look, but those costs can add up. Issues will always come back, meaning more money wasted. Instead, look into getting a whole new unit installed.

AC unit replacement may sound like a hefty price to pay, but here’s why it’s a good idea in the long run.

New AC Unit Replacement as an Investment

Getting an air conditioning unit repair will run you a few hundred dollars depending on how extensive the problem is. It’ll depend on your warranty and how much the local contractor charges.

However, if you’ve noticed that problems keep popping up or you’ve never upgraded your AC unit, then it might be time to spend a bit more upfront. While AC installation is more expensive than a repair job, you’ll find it’s a worthwhile investment for your comfort level and your wallet.

A high AC bill now means a lower AC bill later on.

Lower Monthly AC Bill

If you’ve had trouble with your ventilation, then you know how hard it is to properly cool or heat your entire house. While putting your air conditioning on auto is supposed to fight higher AC bills, you could find your bill has actually increased because the system never turns off.

This could be because your unit isn’t sufficiently cooling your home. It could also be that your air ducts are old and leaking air, or they were never installed correctly in the first place.

One way to fight high AC bills is to use fans to help distribute cool air throughout larger rooms. Cleaning out your air filters can also lower your energy consumption by around 10 percent.

More importantly, installing a new AC unit will mean addressing all of these previously mentioned issues and improving upon them. Newer models provide more energy-efficient cooling, a new ductwork will last you years without needing a patch job.

Repairing AC Costs Too Much

For most households, avoiding high AC bills means spending money on repairing problems that pop up. However, older AC systems are meant to be replaced at some point, and those problems will come up again in time.

Eventually, the parts to replace faulty ones become unavailable, and you have to resort to cheap patch jobs to keep it functioning.

A new AC unit means you won’t have to schedule constant appointments with your AC repair person to see what’s going wrong. It also means you don’t have to worry about spiking AC bills or going days without working air.

Extended Warranties

Chances are your AC unit’s warranty has expired if it’s over ten years old. Most manufacturers offer a minimum of a 5-year warranty when you purchase a new unit, but registering can increase it to ten years. After that, you’re on your own for repairs.

Replace your AC unit, and you get a new warranty. At the very least, that means the manufacturer will repair and replace your compressor if it stops working.

Some suppliers offer extended warranties if you buy them in the off-season, which can also help you save money.

Fresher Air

One of the negatives of leaking air ducts is that they also end up pulling dust and allergens into the flow of air. As a result, even with air filters installed, you end up spreading those contaminants throughout your home.

While there are ways to improve your indoor air quality, your AC unit is supposed to be one of them. A patch job can seal those leaks, but an old duct system will inevitably sprout new ones.

An entirely new AC unit provides clean air that improves your health and sleep.

Consistent Cooling

In addition to fresh, clean air, AC unit replacement can fix inconsistent cooling. When you notice various rooms aren’t feeling as hot or as cool as others in your home, it’s likely due to an older unit.

An outdoor unit can overheat and shut off. Inside your home, the air conditioner may freeze over and stop pumping out cool air. There’s also the possibility that your ductwork is insufficient or leaking air.

Matching Recent Renovations

Most homeowners don’t take into account the extra strain on an AC unit when they renovate their home and install new rooms. Units are specifically chosen by contractors based on your home’s heating load. Adding extra rooms to cool can mean overtaxing your air conditioning.

Ask a professional HVAC contractor to recalculate your home’s heating loads so you can get an AC unit that works best for your space. If you’re adding rooms, you may also want to contact them before you make any changes so you can provide the new room with proper AC ventilation.

Modern Features

Modern AC units come with additional features that are worth your money. One of the most important features is humidity controls.

Air conditioning naturally removes humidity from a room. Humidity controls can help balance humidity so you aren’t left with dry air.

Newer models are also much quieter than older units and save more power. There are even air conditioners that use UV light to kill bacteria in the system.

Custom AC Unit Replacement

Constant repair jobs are a drain on your time and money. Once you have a new AC unit installed, you can rest easy knowing that on the rare chance that something does go wrong, your new warranty will cover it.

Don’t risk trying to install your new unit alone, however. You need someone with experience who aims to provide the best professional service possible.

Contact us today and we can get you set up with a new system. We also offer 24/7 emergency services after hours and on weekends.