How Often Should You Schedule AC Service?

A close-up image of an air conditioning fan in North Fort Myers.

As warmer weather approaches, do yourself a favor and save yourself from the heat! Scheduling your AC service during the spring ensures your unit is up and running before any heat waves.  If you’re in the North Fort Myers area, Custom Cooling can be at your front doorstep in no time. Call us at (239)-731-5545 […]

5 Ways to Prep Your North Fort Myers HVAC for the Fall

A woman at home relaxing thanks to her newly-repaired HVAC unit.

Just like many household appliances, your HVAC system isn’t something you can use for life without the right maintenance. It needs cleaning, repairs, and regular maintenance. The time period between the end of summer and the start of fall is the best time to do that. The weather is comfortable- not too cold and too […]

The 5 Most Common Winter HVAC Problems

Young couple bundled up in blankets on the couch near a heater

Winter is a time for family, reflection, holidays, and warm beverages. It’s all about cuddling under the blankets and watching your favorite series while the wind howls outside. Texas learned the hard way during the winter of 2021, however, that when the utilities go out, things get frosty very quickly. Of course, the Texas freeze […]