Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs in North Ft. Myers

A man fixing an air conditioning unit in Oak Lawn.

No matter the time of year, air conditioners can experience problems at any time. With that being said, repairs are an absolute necessity. To further take care of your air conditioner, it could help to know some of the most common problems homeowners face with their units.  If you require air conditioning repair in North […]

9 Warning Signs You Need AC Maintenance

Man performing ac Maintenance on a ductless mini split ac

Customers request our AC maintenance services for a variety of reasons. Whether your air conditioner is breaking down or is barely showing any warning signs, it is important to schedule AC maintenance as soon as possible. By working with HVAC professionals, we can accurately identify issues, big and small, and get your AC back to […]

How Ductless Air Conditioners Work: Everything You Need to Know About Your Unit

Woman laying on couch enjoying her Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless air conditioners, also known as mini-split air conditioners, essentially work the same way a central air conditioning system works, except for the most obvious part—just without the ducts. The way that ductless ACs work is that they suck warm air from your home (the room specifically it is installed in) and throw this warm […]

The 7 Types of Air Conditioning Filters for Your Home’s HVAC

The basic function of an air conditioning filter is to clean the air that is circulating throughout your home. These filters, just like any other, will begin to accumulate dust, dirt, and debris. This is normal, but it is important that you, as a homeowner, keep up with your air conditioning and regularly replace the […]

4 Essential Elements of Refrigerated Air and Central Cooling Systems

No piece of technology is created in a vacuum. Most of the creature comforts we enjoy today have come a long way and have been products of decades and years of development, experimentation, science, and failed prototypes. Refrigerated air provides customers with great convenience and comfort throughout the summer months. It really changed the game […]

Why Installing a New AC Unit is a Great Idea

As your AC unit gets older, you’re likely to notice more and more problems popping up. It overheats in the summer, leaving you hot and sweaty in your home. Or the air doesn’t circulate well because of some issues with your ductwork.  You can call for an AC repair person to take a look, but […]

10 Signs that Say Your HVAC Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

We rely on our heating and cooling systems practically every day. If it’s hot outside, you’ll want to come home to a fresh and cool environment. If the weather is cold, you’re looking for a cozy and warm place. Sometimes, we forget to check up on our HVAC units and find ourselves in sticky situations.  […]

Signs That Your A/C System May Need To Be Retired

In the South, a good, well-built A/C is almost a requirement. The often-scorching heatwaves in Florida mean that you need somewhere cool to escape. However, this also puts a strain on A/C systems that may lead to problems later in life.  Usually, A/C systems don’t break or stop working without some sort of warning sign. […]

8 Ways To Control Your Humidity

If you’ve spent any time in the Southeast, you’ll know that humidity is the bane of many people’s existence. Even if you’ve spent your whole life in the South, it can still feel like it gets out of hand.  While humidity outside is bad enough, it gets even worse when humidity becomes a problem in […]